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I’m often asked what makes my facelifts different. Why choose the Emory Facial Center for facial rejuvenation? Our focus is on making patients look naturally more beautiful. We enhance your natural beauty, taking years off your face so that you’re noticeably refreshed and more attractive. What we don’t do is make you look unnaturally “lifted” or stretched—something you see all too often in facelifts.

At Emory, we’re constantly advancing the possibilities of medicine—innovating, learning, teaching new methods as well as perfecting tried-and true-techniques. To achieve a naturally beautiful facelift, a surgeon has to have artistic vision as well as technique. I look at a face and see what could be, and I carefully apply an artist’s touch to every facelift procedure I perform. It’s that artistry, in addition to skill and experience, that truly sets the Emory Facial Center apart.

A youthful face is shaped like an egg. There’s more volume at the top and middle, tapering down to the chin and neck. As women age, the egg flips. The muscles and skin sag, dragging down the jaw line and neck. During facial rejuvenation, I flip the egg, reestablishing a youthful, heart-shaped face. Often, subtle changes can produce spectacular results.

These days, you hear a lot about “mini lifts” and other quick fixes. If you have small problems, perhaps you’re still in your early 40s, a mini lift may be just what you need. If you’re in your mid 50s and you see a sagging, heavy neck when you look in the mirror, a full lift may be the answer. A well-done facelift will take years off your face, leaving you looking and feeling brighter, fresher, and more attractive. I don’t want to make you look like a different person. I want you to restore the most beautiful you.

If you’re thinking about having a facelift and you’d like to learn more, or if you’ve had a lift, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your questions or thoughts in the comments section below.

About the Author:

Seth A. Yellin, MD, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is the Director of the Emory Facial Center. Dr. Yellin is a nationally recognized expert on creating a “natural look” when performing facial rejuvenation procedures and has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox Television News.

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