Meet Mr. 500, The Emory Healthcare 500 Grand Marshal

Who better than a man who’s nicknamed “Mr. 500” to yell “Gentlemen, start your engines!” and kick off the Emory Healthcare 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race as grand marshal? When it came time to pick a grand marshal for the Labor Day weekend night race event, officials from Emory Healthcare and the Atlanta Motor Speedway immediately identified the perfect candidate, Terry “Mr. 500” Green. Terry Green, Grand Marshal

Terry’s nickname is not the only thing making him a good fit for the Emory Healthcare 500 grand marshal position. His history with Emory Healthcare is a long one; in fact, it spans his entire life. Almost 61 years to the day after being born at Emory, Terry was reborn in the same place as the recipient of Emory University Hospital’s 500th heart transplant.

While the nickname and his life changing transplant experience are certainly enough to make him the perfect Emory Healthcare 500 grand marshal, Terry’s history with Emory goes even deeper. During a vacation with his wife on a cruise, Terry suffered a heart attack and was stabilized while on the ship before being transported back to Georgia and Emory for care. Coincidentally, the doctors who cared for him on the cruise were both trained at Emory University School of Medicine.

As Terry describes, “You talk about another extra special link to this whole experience; not only was my life saved on foreign soil by doctors who learned their trade at Emory, but I would receive my transplant there, was born there, and will now forever be known as ‘Mr. 500’ for this once-in-a-lifetime event.” As a result, Terry has truly become a special part of the Emory Healthcare family.

Since receiving his treatment and heart transplant at Emory, Terry has served as an ambassador for Emory Healthcare. He is now is able to continue that role in the grand marshal position. As he remarks, “To be named grand marshal for the Emory Healthcare 500, an event that is such an incredible show, and means so much to Georgia and the Atlanta Metropolitan area each year, is beyond a special surprise, as well as an honor.”

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