Emory University Hospital Midtown Upgrades the Neurosciences ICU

In response to a surge in neurological patients and technological advancements over recent years, all 12 rooms at the Neurosciences ICU at Emory University Hospital Midtown have been recently renovated with the latest state-of-the-art technology. These improvements support Emory Healthcare’s commitment to deliver outstanding patient care and quality to all patients, including those who suffer from brain tumors, epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Each ICU room now includes an electroencephalogram (EEG) and a viewing station to monitor patients. Additional renovations that improve patient care include ceiling-mounted patient lifting equipment and glass doors that block sound and allow nurses to view patients from nursing stations. To add comfort for patients and family, the new ICU features new flooring, furniture, upholstery, and flat screen televisions.

Ranked by US News & World Report for neurology/neurosurgery, Emory Healthcare is dedicated to providing quality care. Specialty certified nurses in the ICU directly involve the patient, when possible, and the family members in the patient’s care while hospitalized.

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