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Did you Know that Stroke is the Third Leading Cause of Death in Women? Learn how to Protect Yourself!

StrokeRisk factors for heart disease and stroke can be different for women versus men so it is exciting to note that earlier this year, the American Heart Association in conjunction with the American Stroke Association released new stroke prevention guidelines specifically for women!

The guidelines, based on scientific findings, offer tips on how to reduce risk factors for stroke as well as treatment protocol if a stroke does occur. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association outlines the following:

  • Women who have had high blood pressure before pregnancy she be closely monitored by a physician to evaluate the need for adding medications to try to lower the risk for preeclampsia.
  • The following are risk factors that increase the risk for stroke:
    • Obesity
    • Smoking
    • High cholesterol

A patient should work with her physician to determine the best way to reduce these risk factors with lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise.

  • Women who had preeclampsia, a condition some women develop during pregnancy that is typically characterized by high blood pressure, swelling and fluid retention, have a higher probability of stroke during or after pregnancy. Therefore, women who have had preeclampsia should develop a prevention plan in conjunction with their physician in order to mitigate the risk from this condition.
  • Women who are pregnant with moderate to severe high blood pressure should work with their physician to determine if they should be actively treated for the condition.
  • Birth control pills in combination with high blood pressure can increase the risk of stroke in female patients. Therefore, before a woman is prescribed birth control pills, she should be screened for high blood pressure.
  • If you suffer from migraine headaches, stop smoking! Scientific research shows that women with migraine headaches who smoke are at higher risk for a stroke.
  • Get screened for atrial fibrillation if you are a woman over 75 years old.

The Emory Women’s Heart Center offers screenings for women who could be at risk for heart disease. Take the short online quiz to see if you are at risk.

If you have one or more risk factors, we encourage you to schedule a comprehensive heart screening. During the screening you will develop an individualized risk reduction action plan to help prevent heart disease and stroke. Heart disease and stroke are preventable if you take action to develop a healthy lifestyle!

Heart Disease Screening

Also, to get more information on how to reduce your risk, we invite you to attend a Stroke Awareness Event at Emory Healthcare during May!

About the Emory Women’s Heart Center

Emory Women’s Heart Center is a unique program dedicated to screening, preventing and treating heart disease in women. The Center, led by nationally renowned cardiologist Gina Lundberg, MD provides comprehensive cardiac risk assessment and screenings for patients at risk for heart disease as well as full range of treatment options for women already diagnosed with heart disease care.

About Gina Lundberg

Gina Lundberg, MDGina Price Lundberg, MD, FACC, Emory Women’s Heart Center Clinical Director, is a Preventive Cardiologist with Emory Clinic in East Cobb. Dr. Lundberg is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. She is a National American Heart Association (AHA) spokesperson and has been a Board Member for Atlanta chapter from 2001 till 2007. Dr. Lundberg was the Honoree for American Heart Association’s North Fulton/ Gwinnett County Heart Ball for 2006. In 2009 she was awarded the Women with Heart Award at the Go Red Luncheon for outstanding dedication to the program. She is also a Circle of Red founding member and Cor Vitae member for AHA.

She has been interviewed on the subject of Heart Disease in Women in various media channels including CNN and in USA Today. Governor Sonny Perdue appointed Dr. Lundberg to the Advisory Board for the Department of Women’s Health for the State of Georgia in 2007 till 2011. In 2005, Atlanta Woman Magazine awarded Dr. Lundberg the Top 10 Innovator Award for Medicine. In 2008 Atlanta Woman Magazine named her one of the Top 25 Professional Women to Watch and the only woman in the field of medicine.

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We ♥ Wine – A Local Event Raises Awareness on Women’s Heart Disease

Emory Johns Creek Women's Heart Center Event

Dr. Gina Lundberg chats with guests at a presentation on the new Emory Women’s Heart Center.

Gina Price Lundberg, MD, Clinical Director of Emory Women’s Heart Center recently spoke to the group of almost 30 guests about women’s heart disease—which is now the leading cause of death and disability in women in the U.S.—to residents and members of St Ives Country Club at a private wine tasting event. The reason, Lundberg explains, is that women’s heart disease symptoms can be dramatically different from men’s—and alarmingly subtle. In some cases, Lundberg explains, women who were having heart attacks thought they merely had a bad case of the flu.

Hence the creation of the Emory Women’s Heart Center, which originated at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital and has now expanded to locations in Johns Creek, Midtown and East Cobb. With the help of Dr. Lundberg, the Emory Johns Creek Hospital team introduced the new  Emory Women’s Heart Center at the event, where Johns Creek Wine & Crystal provided wine service. On the menu were a trio of wines from Ehler’s Estates, a California winery owned by the non-profit Leducq Foundation, which awards more than $30 million annually to directly support international cardiovascular research. One of the cabernets served was appropriately labeled One Twenty Over Eighty.

Additional locations are opening soon in Decatur and on Clifton Road. The mission of the Women’s Heart Center, she says, is to educate women as well as their physicians about the differences in women’s cardiac symptoms and risk factors. Emory Women’s Heart Center also offers an innovative program of one-on-one screenings that are tailored to each woman and take about two hours to complete. Lundberg says these screenings are designed for women who think they may be at higher risk but are not currently under the care of a cardiologist. “If you’ve already had a heart attack or are currently seeing a cardiologist, continue long term follow up for risk reduction,” she advises.

Laboratory and nursing staff from Emory Johns Creek hospital provided free blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screenings. Jeffery Hershey, MD, of Emory Heart and Vascular at Johns Creek, used the screening results to calculate preliminary risk scores for the guests.

For more information about Emory Women’s Heart Center, visit To schedule an appointment, please call 404-778-7777.

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