Mitral Valve Disease Live Chat

Chat Date: Tuesday, February, 25
Chat Time: 1pm – 2pm
Chat leader: Douglas Murphy, MD, & Michael Halkos, MD
Chat Topic: Mitral Valve Disease

Chat Overview
Join Emory Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Douglas Murphy, MD, and Asst. Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Michael Halkos, MD, on Tuesday, Feb. 25, for an online web chat to discuss “Mitral Valve Disease.” Drs. Murphy and Halkos will be available to answer questions about mitral valve disease, mitral valve regurgitation and treatment options, including discussion of when minimally invasive robotic surgery may be the right option.

  • Gwen

    Is this information applicable to aortic valve regurgitation as well? If not, what are some of the differences?

  • Barbara malone

    I have irreg. heartbeat but not mitral valve prolapse. I am on a beta blocker. Is this the right thing to be on? I still have some little episodes of heart racing but usually I am fine. Am I at higher risk for stroke?

  • Mel

    Is it only by surgey that those valve can be corrected? Is there any known medicine?

  • DeQuincey

    I was recently evaluated for [removed for patient privacy].
    Please Help!

    • The best test is for us to see you in the office so we can better assess your situation. We are passing your email on to a scheduling coordinator who will contact you regarding an appointment if you are interested. Hope this helps!