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Emory Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient Receives Volunteer Award!

Wayland Moore HeartWise Patient

Emory cardiac rehabilitation/HeartWise patient, Mr. Wayland Moore recently received the Creativity & Arts at Emory Healthcare Volunteer Award. Mr. Moore is a professional artist who has lived and worked around the Emory area for 55 years. He created ‘Art with Heart’ to help stimulate and challenge the minds of the Emory cardiac rehabilitation patients in a creative way following a heart event (heart attack, open heart surgery).

The 6 week, Art with Heart, class allows novice and intermediate artists to expand their skills in a fun and supportive environment. The monies donated from the class help to fund the scholarship program which allows Emory cardiac rehabilitation patients who experience a financial crisis to continue to exercise in a medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program.

The class meets 4 – 5 times a year at the HeartWiseSM Risk Reduction Program located on the 5th floor of the 1525 Clifton Road building on Emory University Hospital campus. All of Mr. Moore’s time and energy is donated to help the patients in class. The current class of ‘patient artists’ is full to capacity. The art that the class creates is displayed in full light each year at the annual holiday party for the HeartWise program. Each year more art is shown and excitement is raised because of the bond and creativity that has been fostered in Mr. Moore’s class.

We are proud to have Mr. Moore as a part of the Emory cardiac rehabilitation team! Congratulations on a well deserved award!

About HeartWise℠

Emory’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program / HeartWise℠ Risk Reduction Program helps patients reduce their risk of heart disease. Cardiac Rehabilitation / HeartWise℠ serves not only patients who currently suffer from heart disease, but also aims to identify those who could be candidates for problems down the road (smokers, people who do not exercise, a person with high blood pressure), and try to lead them down a healthier path. To learn more visit http://www.emoryhealthcare.org/heart-disease-prevention/about-us/index.html

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Dr. Samady talks George W. Bush, Cardiac Angioplasty with Associated Press

Many of the Associated Press new stories on former United States President George W. Bush’s recent surgery to unblock an artery in his heart feature discussion from Emory Heart & Vascular Center’s Director of Interventional Cardiology, Habib Samady, MD, who was interviewed to discuss details of the former President’s cardiac angioplasty and how arteries in the heart become blocked.

During a routine physical, doctors found a blockage in Bush’s artery. In order to open up the artery blockage, cardiologists at a Texas hospital performed a cardiac angioplasty procedure.

Dr. Samady says it takes 20 to 30 years for cholesterol to build up in the arteries. When the narrowing of the blood vessel gets to 80– 90 % then the blockage will limit blood flow. When this occurs patients may experience symptoms of heart disease such as:

• Chest pain
• Pressure in chest
• Shortness of breath
• Fatigue

Learn more about cardiac angioplasties and the former President’s heart surgery in this AP video featuring Dr. Samady!

Cardiac angioplasties are fairly common procedures and many times the patients go home the same day or the next day. They can be performed for outpatients with symptoms of angina or evidence of low blood flow on a stress test or for inpatients with heart attacks or “near heart attacks”. Emory cardiologists were pioneers in developing the angioplasty procedure in the 1980’s. Former Emory cardiologist Andreas Gruentzig performed the first balloon angioplasty in 1977 in Zurich, Switzerland before immigrating to the United States and coming to Emory from where the procedure was taught and disseminated through out the world. In 1987, Emory interventional cardiologists were the first to deploy coronary stents in the United States and currently are national leaders in determining which patient needs to have a blockage unblocked by measuring blood flow in each artery as well as in the use of miniaturized ultrasound and infrared cameras for the optimal deployment of coronary stents.

Dr. Habib SamadyAbout Habib Samady, MD
Dr. Samady is the Director of Interventional Cardiology at Emory Hospitals as well as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. He has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and has been on faculty at Emory since 1998. Dr. Samady has been instrumental in the development of the interventional cardiology program at Emory. He specializes in cardiac cauterization, interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology and valve disease. He is a published author and has published several articles in peer reviewed publications.

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Shape Up Your Heart this Summer by Attending a Heart Disease Prevention Event!

HeartWise events AtlantaThe HeartWise℠ Risk Reduction Program Lecture Series aims to reduce people’s risk of heart disease through education and interaction. In addition to serving patients who currently suffer from heart disease, we also provide help to individuals who could be at risk for heart complications in the future including those who smoke, do not exercise or have high blood pressure.

You can register for our HeartWise events online!

♥ WomenHeart of Atlanta: Support Group
Monday, July 8, 12pm – 1:15pm

♥ Food Safety
Tasha Mickens, RD, LD, CDE
Monday, July 22, 12pm – 12:30pm

♥ Heart Healthy Fats
Tasha Mickens, RD, LD, CDE
Monday, July 29, 12:00pm – 12:30pm

♥ Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease
Courtney Sutton, Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology Intern
Wednesday, July 31, 8:30am – 9:00am AND 11:30am – Noon

♥ Connections Between Aging, Balance & Exercise
Joshua Naterman, Georgia State University Exercise Science Intern
Monday, August 5, 8:30am – 9:00am AND Noon – 12:30pm

♥ Fantastic Fiber
Tasha Mickens, RD, LD, CDE
Monday, August 19, 12pm – 12:30pm

♥ WomenHeart of Atlanta: Support Group
Monday, July 8, 12pm – 1:15pm

Admission for our heart disease prevention events is free and everyone is welcome.  Parking is validated for up to 2 hours. Call 404-778-2850 to reserve your seat, or you can register for our HeartWise events online!

*If you would like to purchase a t-shirt or calendar where the proceeds go to the HeartWise scholarship fund which allows patients who run into financial challenges continue the wellness and prevention, please call 404-778-2850.

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