The Fraternal Order of Eagles Helps Emory Patients Take Steps Toward Heart Disease Prevention

Emory’s Heart Disease Prevention Program, HeartWise℠ , helps patients reduce their risk for heart disease, the number one cause of death among men and women in the U.S. The HeartWise℠ program serves not only patients who currently suffer from heart disease, but also aims to identify those who could be candidates for problems down the road (smokers, people who do not exercise, a person with high blood pressure to help them make healthy lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease before it starts.

“I thought: If I was lucky enough to live, I’d change, myself-I realized I could have a new life-new energy, new endurance, and feel better about myself.” A well put statement by Larry King after his 1987 heart attack.

Emory’s HeartWise℠ Heart Disease Risk Reduction Program assists patients in taking steps towards living more heart healthy lives by providing them with leading heart disease prevention methods  and technology.

With the help from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Emory’s HeartWise℠ program patients are now able to enhance their heart disease prevention program with a brand new, Nu-Step cardio machine.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles, “has provided support for medical centers across the country to build and provide research for medical conditions — raising millions of dollars every year to combat heart disease and cancer, help handicapped kids, uplift the aged and make life a little brighter for everyone.”

Emory Healthcare is extremely grateful for their service and contribution of the Nu-Step cardio machine to our Heart Disease Prevention Program.  Thanks to this generous donation from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the patients of the Emory’s HeartWise℠ program are literally able to take new strides in their journeys to heart disease prevention and/or rehabilitation.

Mr. Merle Jensen, pictured below surrounded by staff and interns, is extremely pleased with the new, Nu-step cardio machine. “Patients are already requesting another machine, because of its continuous use since its arrival,” states Kathy Lee Bishop, MS, PT, CCS and Manager of the HeartWise℠ program, “I just smile”.

For more information on Emory’s HeartWise℠ Heart Disease Prevention and Risk Reduction Program, or The Fraternal Order of Eagles, check out our related resources.

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