Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Do you have risk factors that concern you about potential heart disease? Diabetes? High blood pressure? Are you overweight? Do you get exhausted easily from walking up stairs? If so, take control of your heart health today.

Emory’s Center for Heart Disease Prevention offers the Optimal Living Program to help you prevent heart disease. The Optimal Living Program is an eight-week lifestyle modification program designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with heart disease.

There are two different programs that are customized to fit your particular needs. The Optimal Living Basic program offers a personalized heart health evaluation, individualized help with developing a health plan of action, weight training expertise and nutrition education. In addition, the program assists you in creating a life plan so that you are able to sustain your heart healthy habits. The Optimal Living Plus program offers eight one-on-one sessions with a dietitian as well as eight one-on-one personal training sessions, complementing all the services offered in the Optimal Living Basic program.

Check out detailed information about the optimal living program.  If you have any questions about heart disease, the Optimal Living Program, or know anyone who could benefit from this unique opportunity, please let me know in the comments section.

About Dr. Laurence Sperling, MD:
Dr. Sperling specializes in preventive cardiology—his areas of clinical interest are cardiac catheterization, cardiac rehabilitation, general cardiology, echocardiogram, lipid metabolism, and electron beam computed tomography. Dr. Sperling has been practicing medicine with Emory since 1997, and has received various awards from the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association Council, and Emory University Hospital. He serves as medical director for a number of unique programs at Emory including the HeartWise Risk Reduction Program,  Emory’s LDL Apheresis program  and has served as special consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Sperling has been voted one of America’s Top Doctors, and has been featured often on local and national TV, newspaper, radio, and magazines.

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