Innovative New Intravascular Imaging System Now Available at Emory

image from St. Jude Medical

We’re pleased to announce that Emory Healthcare is the first in Georgia to receive the new, FDA-approved C7-XR OCT Intravascular Imaging System. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution cross-sectional modality that is used to visualize and quantify clinically important coronary artery microstructures. In essence, it images plaques that cause heart attack and stroke.

This technology allow us to see more clearly what is occurring in the coronary artery wall in patients who have developed—or who are at risk for developing heart attacks. Additionally, we’ll be collaborating with St. Jude Medical, the maker of the OCT system, as well as with Medtronic Vascular, and conducting a clinical trial that will examine the ability of OCT to guide the duration of anti-platelet therapy following drug eluting stent placement.

Ultimately, the research will establish OCT as a surrogate measure for determining optimal anti-platelet therapy following stent implantation.

All interventional cardiologists at Emory will be able to perform this procedure. If you’re interested in hearing more about the OCT Intravascular Imaging System, please feel free to leave me a response in the comments section, or contact me at 404.686.2508.

About Aloke Finn, MD:

Dr. Finn specializes in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, and has been practicing at Emory since 2007. His areas of clinical interest include cardiac catheterization, interventional cardiology, and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Finn holds an organizational leadership membership at the American Heart Association.

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