Heart Transplant Patient Story: ‘I Feel Really Good’

A year and a half ago, Rachel Moore was readying to have her heart transplant at Emory. The surgery followed years of heart troubles, and Rachel spent two years with an LVAD as she awaited her transplant. Still, she was unsure if the heart transplant could really return her to good health. “My doctor told me, ‘After the transplant, you are going to feel so much better,'” Moore recalled recently during a phone chat. “It’s almost like I didn’t know what that meant.”

Now, 18 months later, Moore knows. “Before, when I was ill, I often wanted to just take a nap,” she said. “Now, when I’m up, I’m up all day and I exercise about five days a week for about an hour a day. I don’t feel winded or short of breath.” Moore, 45, visits Emory every three months for her check-up. Her medical team here checks her blood work and runs tests on her heart. If everything is running smoothly, she continues to take medication, and she returns in three months.

You can listen to Rachel Moore talk about how much better she feels since heart transplant surgery by clicking on the play button below:


“Sometimes I don’t know the right words to use, but I feel really good,” said Moore. “It’s almost like sometimes you have to remind yourself that there used to be something wrong. Like sometimes I’ll think to myself, ‘You had a heart transplant.'” For more information on Moore’s heart transplant and the effect it’s had on her life, visit her website at http://www.heart4rachel.org/ and watch this video:

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