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Is a Neck Lift Right for You?

woman caressing neckIt’s no secret that as you age your appearance will change, too. Over the years, as your skin loses its elasticity it can wrinkle and sag, making you look older than you actually are. A neck lift can help erase signs of aging and restore your youthful appearance with a smoother, slimmer profile. Learn more about neck lifts so you can decide if this common procedure is right for you.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

A cosmetic surgeon can make treatment recommendations based on your specific goals and needs. All of those options should be considered before creating your treatment plan.

There are a number of options available today, from minimally invasive techniques, such as Botox®, Kybella® injections and dermal fillers, to more traditional neck lift surgery. While less invasive techniques may work well for most, neck lift surgery will likely provide more dramatic and permanent results for common problems like double chin, neckbands and sagging jowls.

If you’re in good health and want to improve the profile and appearance of your neck, you may be a good candidate for surgery.

Does Having a Neck Lift Mean I Also Need a Facelift?

The answer depends on your unique anatomy. Most of the time, patients can address their necks without making any changes to their face at all. Simply tightening the muscles and removing excess skin can effectively create a new profile along your jawline.

What Happens During a Neck Lift?

While a neck lift can usually be done as an outpatient procedure, the surgery can take several hours. During the procedure, your surgeon will make several small incisions, which will depend in large part on how much skin and muscle needs to be tightened or removed. These incisions are generally not noticeable and will be carefully placed by your surgeon for minimal scarring. Your incisions may be placed:

  • Along your hairline
  • Around your ear
  • Under your chin

Your surgeon will discuss where your incisions will be placed prior to your surgery so you know exactly what to expect.

How Long Will It Take Me to Recover From a Neck Lift?

After a neck lift, you can expect a recovery period of about two weeks. There will be some bruising and swelling along the front of your neck and behind your ears during the first week post surgery. Your sutures will likely be removed in the first week as well – between 7 and 10 days after surgery.

How Can I Improve Recovery After a Neck Lift?

It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions after your neck lift to ensure successful results and a healthy recovery. Your doctor and care team will share specific instructions to follow after your surgery. These may include:

  • Asking someone to stay with you during the first 24 hours after your surgery to help you rest and recover
  • Having a supply of gauze and towels to change any bandaging as directed by your surgeon
  • Keeping your head propped up in a comfortable position to promote circulation and reduce swelling
  • Taking at least one week off from work to help your body rest and recover
  • Using ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Wearing loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily pulled over your head or unbuttoned

Neck lifts are generally safe but, as with any surgery, carry certain risks of side effects. Contact your doctor immediately if you develop a low-grade fever or have unusual bleeding or swelling along your incisions.

Emory Aesthetic Center

The Emory Aesthetic Center has expert surgeons experienced in cosmetic procedures, including neck lifts and facelifts. We’ll evaluate your needs, discuss your goals and guide you toward techniques that will offer you the best results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and speak to a surgeon about the approach that’s right for you.

About Dr. Miotto

Gabriele C. Miotto, MD, is an assistant professor of surgery in the division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Emory University School of Medicine, and the associate program director of the Emory Aesthetic Center Fellowship Program. She is fellowship trained in aesthetic and oculoplastic surgery and certified by the Georgia Composite Medical Board as well as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Miotto is also certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners.


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Getting Rid of That Double Chin — Without Surgery

double-chin-smallSubmental fullness, often referred to as a “double chin,” is a common facial aesthetic condition that can impact both men and women. It can be related to the aging process or could simply be a part of your genetics. Though it can become more prominent with weight gain, sometimes diet and exercise alone do not make it go away. But chin up…we have good news for you.

Nonsurgical Treatment

At the Emory Aesthetic Center, we offer a nonsurgical approach (Kybella) to treat this common condition. Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment that contours and improves the appearance of double chin.

Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. It is injected into the fat beneath your chin to destroy fat cells. Once the cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. For most patients, two treatments are needed.

How Do I Know if Kybella is Right for Me?

Kybella is an effective treatment for submental fullness, but not everyone is a candidate. Your physician will help you determine if the treatment is right for you.

You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you:

  • Are bothered by the appearance of a double chin
  • Feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you are
  • Eat well and exercise but submental fullness doesn’t go away
  • Prefer a nonsurgical approach

Some health problems may prevent you from being a candidate for treatment:

  • Bleeding problems
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Infection in the area of treatment
  • Weak facial muscles

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

The Kybella injection is a quick and minimally invasive procedure. Cold packs are applied to make the process more comfortable and, if needed, a topical numbing cream is used. The procedure typically lasts only 15 to 20 minutes, and discomfort should be minimal.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

The injection involves minimal discomfort and absolutely no downtime. Many people even undergo treatment on their lunch break, and then return to work immediately afterward.

As with any needle treatment, the injection site may become slightly sore, red, swollen or bruised. These side effects are temporary and subside within a few days.

Kybella doesn’t produce immediate results. It works to reduce submental fullness, and you’ll usually see results within 4 to 6 weeks after treatment.

How Long Will My Results Last?

As with any fat removing treatment, your results are impacted by your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and weight management. You’ll continue to age, but your submental fullness will always be better than it would have been without treatment.

I’m Ready to Lose My Double Chin. How Do I Get Started?

At Emory Aesthetic Center, we offer Kybella and CoolSculpting® to address double chin.

Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeons. They’ll discuss with you how it works, what to expect and your goals for treatment.


Or call us at 404-778-6880 to schedule your personal consultation

About Dr. Anderson

anderson-ericaErica Anderson, MD, is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and currently holds an appointment as Assistant Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at Emory University. Dr. Anderson completed her general surgery residency and plastic surgery residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and associated hospitals in Denver, CO. She completed a year of advanced training in Aesthetic Surgery at Grotting Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Anderson returns to Emory University after being in private practice in Arlington, Virginia. While there, she maintained a busy aesthetic and reconstructive practice and also served as Medical Director for the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at Virginia Hospital Center.

Dr. Anderson’s academic and research interests are largely focused on clinical outcomes with regards to cosmetic surgery. Her areas of clinical interest are diverse including cosmetic surgery of the breast and body as well chest wall reconstruction and wound care.

Dr. Anderson is married with 3 children, Trent, Connor and Fiona, and 2 vizslas, Max and Mimi.

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Ask the Doctor: Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

nice-neckI am often asked by my patients, “Can I get rid of my double chin?” The answer is, “Of course you can!” There are many options, all of which are effective. The key is to choose the right one for you. I always recommend the option that offers the best result, the least risk and the shortest recovery.

Before we discuss the options, lets briefly look at what constitutes a double chin. Most believe it is simply a collection of excess fat under the chin, and in most cases it is. However, there can be more to a double chin than fat. The skin, neck muscles, deeper fat layers and even minor salivary glands can play a role.

But in most patients, all that is needed is removal of the fat. The fat can be eliminated through injections, external “fat melting” devices, or liposuction. Kybella™ is an injectable drug newly approved by the FDA, which “dissolves” the fat. It is an in office procedure with a series of injections. External “fat melting” devices are another option where a device is applied to the skin that leads to fat elimination. This is also an in office procedure. The results of both injections and devices are not immediate and may take weeks or months to be noticeable. There are also limitations as to how much fat can be treated. These treatments are best suited for patients with small to moderate amounts of excess fat.

Liposuction is by far the most popular, most common and most effective solution. Liposuction can be performed under local or general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. If there is no excess skin or skin laxity, there is almost no limit as to how heavy or full a neck can be treated. The results are visible immediately with the final result taking approximately three weeks to see. As with any surgical procedure, there is post-operative swelling and bruising.

But if in addition to excess fat there is skin laxity, deeper fat layers and the need to work on the salivary glands, then a neck lift would be the best option. Through an incision under the chin, the fat is removed from the deep layer, and if needed, muscle bands and salivary glands are dealt with. In some patients an incision around the ear may also be needed for the best results. The recovery is up to two weeks with associated swelling and bruising.

Getting rid of a double chin can be as easy as a few injections, undergoing an in office procedure, or a trip to the operating room. It all depends on your specific need. Your physician will examine you, assess all your tissues, and then recommend the best treatment option for you. Let the board certified physicians at the Emory Aesthetic Center provide you with a consult to assess your needs.


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