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CoolSculpting®: A Nonsurgical Way to Remove Fat

You eat right, you exercise, but you still can’t get rid of that stubborn trouble zone. It may not feel like it, but there is a way to get rid of those frustrating pockets of fat — without surgery. If you’re looking for a noninvasive option to reduce fat, it’s time to consider CoolSculpting.

What Is CoolSculpting?

You’ve tried fat burning, but how about fat freezing? CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved, controlled cooling treatment that removes stubborn pockets of unwanted fat. There are no needles, no special diets, no supplements, and no downtime.

The procedure cools and freezes unwanted fat—without damaging surrounding tissues. Once the fat has been frozen and crystallized from the treatment, your body will slowly break down the unwanted cells and dispose of them, resulting in gradual fat loss over several weeks.

Who’s It For?

CoolSculpting is great if you’re looking to transform your body without surgery. While it effectively gets rid of small pockets of stubborn fat, it’s not intended for overall weight reduction. So, if you’re happy with your weight, CoolSculpting could be the perfect way to fine-tune your appearance. However, if you’re not at — or near — your ideal weight, liposuction may offer better results.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

A non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin and other surrounding tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, a process of natural removal is triggered, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.

CoolSculpting can blast away fat from any of your trouble zones, including your:

  • Belly
  • Love handles
  • Bra roll
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Double chin
  • Under buttocks

What Should I Expect During and After My Treatment?

Each area takes about an hour to complete. A specialized applicator suctions the tissue into a vacuum cup, where it’s slowly chilled over the course of the hour. You may feel a small amount of discomfort in the first minute or so, but many patients describe the procedure as being painless. In fact, patients commonly sit or lie comfortably to read, work on their laptop or even nap during their procedure.

When the treatment is over, you’ll be able to go about your day — business as usual. There may be a small amount of redness, bruising and/or tenderness, but nothing that should interfere with activities.

What Results Can I Expect from a CoolSculpting Treatment?

Since freezing the fat cells is only the first step of the process, you won’t see results immediately following treatment. Your body needs time to break down the treated fat cells and get rid of them. Most people start seeing some results about three weeks after treatment and see full results within three months.

You’ll have a noticeable reduction of fat in your treated area, and those fat cells are gone for good. However, remember that your body can always create new fat cells. So, it’s important to continue on with your healthy nutrition and exercise habits.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Another great thing about CoolSculpting is that most people are satisfied with the results they achieve from one to three treatments. Since it takes about three months to see your full results, you should wait several months before scheduling another session to be sure that one is needed.

Emory Aesthetic Center

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New Year, New You at Emory Aesthetic Center

woman looking at self in mirrorWouldn’t it be nice if 2020 was the year you turned back time? A new decade is the perfect opportunity for fresh starts and fresh faces. At Emory Aesthetic Center, we’re ready to help you kick off the new year right — with healthy, glowing skin.

Speaking of fresh starts, we’re happy to welcome our newest aesthetician, Dawn Bellard, to our team. Throughout her career, Dawn has worked with renowned dermatologists and surgeons in the Atlanta area. She’s passionate about helping people look their best and now she’s going to share her skincare knowledge with you.

Learn more about Dawn.

How to Get the Healthiest Looking Skin

There are certain things that everyone can do at home to improve the appearance of their skin. Simple lifestyle habits such as getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and applying sunscreen daily are three of the most impactful. But why stop there? If you want to see real results, then don’t go at it alone — that’s what the experts are for.

Consult a Skincare Expert

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all skincare regimen. If there were, the skincare section at the store would sure be a whole lot smaller. Because your skin is unique, you need a skincare routine that addresses your specific needs. That’s where partnering with an expert can make a world of difference.

A qualified aesthetician gets to know your skin and what it needs. They can help you sort through the plethora of products out there and guide you to the ones that will work best for your skin. Having a knowledgeable skincare partner will also come in handy when it comes time to navigate the changes that naturally occur as you age. Even just choosing the right retinol cream and how to apply it can feel overwhelming. An aesthetician can guide you toward the most appropriate non-surgical anti-aging procedures to help you achieve your desired results.

Make Time for Daily, Monthly and Yearly Skincare Treatments

You can probably think of daily, monthly and yearly tasks you perform to protect your health, but what about your skin? At Emory Aesthetic Center, your aesthetician can get you started with a simple daily routine to jumpstart your skincare with a combination of medical-grade skincare products. We also offer a variety of facials for monthly maintenance and countless other procedures that will keep you looking fantastic.

Invest in Your Skin Health with a Laser Treatment Plan

You’ll find some of the best laser treatment options in Atlanta at the Emory Aesthetic Center. We offer CoolSculpting® for fat reduction, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing and more. During your skin analysis, your aesthetician will review all your options and help you create a yearly plan to address your specific concerns and goals.

Emory Aesthetic Center

Start your year off right with a visit to Emory Aesthetic Center. Our talented, licensed aestheticians are available to help you determine which procedure or combination of procedures and products is right for you.

Dawn is ready to welcome you with a complimentary consultation and skin analysis. Call (404) 778-7261 or schedule online today. And don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly spa specials email.

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How To Get Cosmetic Surgical Results Without Surgery

natural-beautyNo one really wants to have surgery if they don’t need it; therefore, it isn’t surprising that cosmetic surgeons are asked quite often how someone can get surgical results without actually having surgery. Well, it certainly sounds good . . surgical results without surgery, right? The problem is that it really doesn’t work that way. The long and the short of it is in order to get the dramatic results of surgery, you have to have surgery. But with all of the new non- and minimally-invasive treatment options that have become available in recent years, the answer isn’t always so cut and dry, and there are options. It is not a matter of good versus bad, but really understanding the differences between the surgical and the non-surgical options, and figuring out which one is going to best help you achieve your goals.

The facial region is the area with the greatest number of non-surgical options, from Botox® to dermal fillers and chemical peels to lasers and micro-needling. Non-surgical treatments can be quite effective in the face when you are treating the right problem. Botox® does a wonderful job of temporarily softening wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, and the sides of the eyes. Dermal fillers can plump up the cheeks and minimize creases around the mouth. Skin products, in-office chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), micro-needling, and lasers can do a superb job of improving the fine wrinkles, texture, and pigment in the skin. However, if you are looking to reduce the jowls, tighten the neck or lift droopy brows or eyelids, then non-surgical treatments won’t provide the results that you seek. It is extremely common patients will undergo a blend of surgical and non-surgical procedures to take advantage of the strengths of both. In younger patients who are not yet ready for surgery, non-surgical options may provide them exactly what they want.

For breast augmentation, the surgical versus non-surgical comparison doesn’t work, because there really aren’t non-surgical options to do the things that patients want. At the present time you can’t increase the breast size, reduce the breast size, or lift up drooping breasts without surgery. In the breast, though, the discussion is often around full length or reduced incision approaches. Like non-surgical treatments, reduced scar approaches sound really positive – and of course who wouldn’t want that? However, in some cases a full scar approach is required to get the degree of results that a patient wants or needs.

Only recently have significant non-surgical options emerged for treatment of the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. These treatments are directed at two primary goals – reducing the fatty layers and tightening the skin. Infrared therapy, external ultrasound, and cryolipolysis (fat freezing) are all energy devices approved to reduce the thickness of the fatty layer. CoolSculpting® is a fat freezing treatment currently available, and it is the treatment that we have chosen to offer at the Emory Aesthetic Center due to the level of comfort experienced by patients and the medical studies that support its use. But not all patients get the results that they seek. And while a few patients don’t seem to achieve much of a result, a small number of patients are “super-responders” who can get a dramatic result, sometimes with just one treatment. But overall, most patients will see a 10-20 percent improvement in an area with a single treatment, but for additional improvement they will need repeat treatments. Liposuction is the surgical counterpart to fat freezing. Not surprisingly, liposuction allows us to treat more areas at a time, be more aggressive in fat removal, and depending on the number of areas to treat and the number of CoolSculpting® sessions, sometimes liposuction can be less expensive as well.

At this point, non-surgical treatments seem to do a better job at fat removal than skin tightening. For this reason, there isn’t much in the way of non-surgical options for patients that may have significant skin laxity, for example when they need a tummy tuck or thigh lift. In these instances, surgical resection can be combined with liposuction to not only tighten the skin, but to sculpt the tissues as well. It is because of this combined strategy that tummy tucks, for instance, can produce some of the most dramatic improvements of any of the surgeries that plastic surgeons perform. However, if a patient is young and has generally good skin quality, with limited fatty deposits, fat freezing without the need for surgery can be a great option.

To pull it all together, there are some things that surgery can do that non-surgical treatments simply can’t do. In other cases non-surgical treatments can be highly effective and can provide for you the results you want – without the need for a surgical procedure or significant recovery period. What is best for you depends on your specific appearance, your tissues, and your goals. At the Emory Aesthetic Center, we are happy to be able to offer the entire spectrum of surgical and non-surgical options. Our board-certified physicians can work with you to determine the best solution for you and your desired result.


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About Dr. Eaves

eaves-iii-felmontDr. Eaves recently returned to Atlanta, Georgia, to head the Emory Aesthetic Center as Medical Director, having previously completed his plastic surgery residency as well as a fellowship in endoscopic and minimally invasive plastic surgery at Emory University, The Emory Clinic, and associated hospitals. Before joining the Emory Aesthetic Center, Dr. Eaves was a partner in Charlotte Plastic Surgery for more than fifteen years and served as group president from 2010-2012.

His professional and institutional committee memberships and offices include an impressive list of national, international and local plastic surgery organizations, societies, boards, task forces, advisory councils, coalitions and foundations, including having served as President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) from 2010-2011 and Trustee (2011-Present).

Dr. Eaves’ primary areas of academic inquiry have been in minimally-invasive and endoscopic aesthetic surgery, patient safety, system and process improvement in plastic surgery, evidence-based medicine applied to plastic surgery and recontouring surgery after massive weight loss. He has received several patents for new medical devices he developed, and has made major clinical service contributions to his field. Dr. Eaves has published more than 100 articles, book chapters and book reviews on plastic surgery in peer reviewed publications, as well as manuals, videos, computer programs and other teaching aids and has coauthored the first textbook on the topic of endoscopic plastic surgery.

What is the Best Method of Liposuction?

Liposuction AtlantaStandard Lipo, Laser Assisted Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo, Power Assisted Lipo, Tumenscent Lipo, Smart Lipo, Safe Lipo, Tickle Lipo…there are many different types of liposuction procedures currently offered in the market place, so logically patients are always asking “which is best for me?”. Although some practitioners may have strong feelings one way or another, the short answer to the question is that all of these techniques work, and the results are similar for all.

Liposuction became popular in the 1980s. The initial method of liposuction used hollow tubes (cannulas) to suction out fatty tissues from under the skin using very small incisions. Although initial techniques worked well, the results got even better when surgeons began using smaller, finer cannulas. A major advance occurred when the technique began to incorporate the injection of a dilute solution prior to suctioning. This technique was very helpful in reducing blood loss and bruising, and is commonly used in most types of liposuction today. During the 1990s, new technologies began to emerge to make the procedure even easier by using the application of energy to break up fatty tissues. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) uses sound waves, power assisted liposuction (PAL) uses mechanical vibrations, and laser assisted liposuction (LAL) uses laser energy to this end. Some even newer technologies use water pressure to the same effect.

Although companies advertise significant advantages of their technologies over the competition, the scientific literature does not support major differences. Two particular studies about liposuction deserve special attention. The first study looked at over 26,000 consecutive patients undergoing liposuction by many of these different technologies.1 The authors found that overall the results were similar between these different groups. A second study published in 2011 examined trends in liposuction techniques among 492 plastic surgeons.2 In this study, the authors found that all these technologies are currently used by plastic surgeons, but that only a minority (about 10%) used laser liposuction (which include “Smart Lipo” and “Slim Lipo”), and that standard liposuction was still the most common technique used. While energy-based liposuction techniques can help your surgeon with hard to treat areas like the flanks, chest, and back, they also have an increased potential for complications such as burns. With experience and familiarity, however, all of these techniques can be safe and effective.

Non-Surgical Liposuction?

There is even a non-surgical procedure that may be an option for you. Cool Sculpting, which freezes the fat, is an office procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia.

So if all these technologies work, how should a patient choose? First of all, don’t be fooled by fancy ads promising huge results using the latest technology. Second, do your homework to select a qualified plastic surgeon with significant experience in all types of body contouring surgery, including both liposuction and excisional surgery such as tummy tucks. Here at the Emory Aesthetic Center, our surgeons have extensive experience and can explain the differences between all these techniques. We offer a full spectrum of options, and we will customize a plan that best fits your needs.

1Triana L, Triana C, Barbato C, Zambrano M. Liposuction: 25 years of experience in 26,259 patients using different devices. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2009: 29: 509.
2Ahmad J, Eaves FF, Rohrich RJ, and Kenkel JM. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Survey: Current Trends in Liposuction. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2011: 31; 214.

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