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  • Anne T.

    Does lymphatic drainage massage really reduce swelling after a facelift?

    • Emory Healthcare

      Yes, absolutely–a facelift involves lifting and repositioning tissues and incisions in areas of normal drainage pathways. It takes time to re-establish these pathways and lymphatic massage can assist in reducing swelling in the meantime. If the tissues stay swollen for extended periods of time, it not only affects the ultimate outcome but can also increase discomfort.

  • Mz.marie

    Does medicaid pay butt injection? All I want is two injection shots in each cheek and are you in Altanta and how much does it cost? Thank you for your time.

    • Emory Healthcare

      Hi Marie, you will need to contact Medicaid as to whether or not they will cover a buttock augmentation since we do not know your full case. With regard to pricing, please feel free to contact the Emory Aesthetic Center directly at 404-778-6880. They will be able to provide specific amounts for you. Thanks!

  • Wanda C.

    I have a general question. I want to have fat removed from my tummy area and then applied to m breast to make them more fuller and lovely. Is that possible?

    • Hi Wanda,

      That’s a great question. Moving fat (called “fat grafting”) from areas of excess to areas where we need or want more volume is something that we do routinely, especially to the face to treat the fat loss of aging or to the buttock areas for enhancement. Fat grafting to the breast for aesthetic enhancement is something new that requires significant consideration, since in America about one out of every nine women will eventually develop breast cancer. Like many other academic centers, we are currently considering what additional studies should be done before this becomes something routine.

  • Karel W.

    Do you do pro-bono? Or what type of insurance do you take?

    • Karel,

      We do accept insurance depending on the type of procedure desired. You can contact our office directly at 404-778-6880 so that we can discuss your personal case with you. Thanks!

  • Danial

    I had bike accident 3months ago, i got a large scratche on my hand i used polyfix for about 1month it had recover my wound but not completely there is a large spot left on my hand. Please suggest any cream to remove that spot i will be thankful to you!

    • Hi Daniel, in general we cannot make a specific treatment recommendation without seeing you and examining the area. Currently, there are no available treatment regimens that will remove a scar totally; however, depending on the scar appearance, location, and time since injury, a topical lotion, silicone sheeting, steroid injection, lasers, tension reduction, or other treatment might be advised. Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.

  • tharun

    I had done my rhinoplasty surgery [removed for patient privacy], even now my nose not fully recovered , i consulted my doctor he said to wait for more 6 months . Does it actually take this long duration for the recovery.

    • Hi there,

      It generally takes one full year after rhinoplasty before the final result is apparent, and in some patients with very thick skin, it can take up to 18 months. Fullness at the tip of the nose can remain and take up to 18 months to resolve as well. Any breathing issues as a result of surgery will usually resolve within a year.

  • Court

    I am currently shopping around in the Atlanta area for Lipo/fat transfer from my Flanks to my buttocks. and Also Rhinoplasty for my crooked noes. (I was hit really hard on the bridge of my noes as a child) Would I need to speak w/ a patient advocate to get an estimate cost of these procedures. If so, are your pricing competitive and are the consults free?

    • Hi Court! Yes, the Emory Aesthetic Center does offer complimentary consultations. Consultations are done with one of our physicians who can evaluate your needs and answer all of your questions. You can also meet with one of our Patient Care Coordinators who will provide pricing and discuss financing if needed. Just call us at 404-778-6880 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

  • Susan

    I had used Dr. Nahai a few times in the past for various procedures. However, I had been told that he had retired. Is he still doing a full range of plastic surgery or mainly injectables, etc?

  • sharon

    hello I am considering a tummy tuck. can you tell me the average cost for the procedure plz. I know they are all different but I would like to know the average cost.

    • Sharon,

      We are happy to provide you with an average cost. Please call or e-mail the Emory Aesthetic Center and connect with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. Our office phone number is 404-778-6880 or complete an on-line form.