Facial Rejuvenation – Surgical & Nonsurgical Solutions Chat

Have you considered a facial cosmetic procedure to help you look as young as you feel, or thought about enhancing features you once thought were lost in years past? Join Dr. Foad Nahai of the Emory Aesthetic Center for a live chat as he discusses both surgical and nonsurgical solutions to help you realize your vision of you. From facial procedures for the eyes to the lips to a complete facelift, all of your questions will be answered by Dr. Nahai on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 from Noon – 1PM. Join our live chat to ensure you are confidently ready to take the next step.

Facial Rejuvenation Chat

  • Omid S.

    Thank You again Dr. Nahai for the session. My question is not directly related to the subject under discussion, so I’m asking here. I would appreciate it if you can help answer:
    Are there practical ways to improve or extend Plastic Surgical operations for patients that have undergone major operations, i.e. Open Heart or Abdominal Surgeries. Often times, patients walk out with marks and scars remained post-op. Are there practical means by which Plastic Surgeons can get involved in major surgical operations in one session of surgery (not to perform corrective/primary, rather cosmetic)? This appears as an area of overlap between the two fields of specialities, Plastic and General Surgery for instance. OR, does the General Surgeon need to get months or years of further training to perform the job of a plastic surgeon if need to?

    I’ve heard of unpleasant results of a plastic surgical attempt by orthopaedics.. Is it recommended to schedule a patient for two separate sessions?

    • Hi Omid,

      Yes, there are options to improve the look of scars resulting from open heart surgery and abdominal procedures. These include surgical as well as non-surgical options. On occasion, plastic surgeons are asked by patients to come in at the end of a surgical procedure performed by other surgeons to close the incision. One of the difficulties encountered in doing this is the availability of the of the plastic surgeon at the time of wound closure. The training of plastic surgeons is intensive and long. A general surgeon wishing to become a board certified plastic surgeon would require three years of additional training. Hope this helps answer your question!

  • Omid S.

    Thank you Dr. Nahai. Happy Thanks Givings!


  • Suzy C.

    I would like to tighten up my skin. [Removed for patient privacy.] What kind of results can I expect from micro-needling? My neck is starting to sag. Does it work on the neck too?

    • Great question, Suzy. Microneedling does not tighten the skin considerably. It will, however, improve fine lines and fine wrinkles, and can improve the overall texture of your skin. To tighten the skin and address your concerns of the neck, likely a facelift would be your best approach. A deep chemical peel could also be considered depending on the condition of your skin. We would love to evaluate you at the Emory Aesthetic Center. Please feel free to stop by for a complimentary evaluation with one of us.