Avoid Facelift Scarring with the Right Surgeon, Experienced Approach

woman looking at skin in mirrorA facelift can restore a youthful appearance and make you feel younger than your age by adding volume to your cheeks, erasing lines from around your mouth and eyes, and smoothing the skin around your neck. Done properly, your scars won’t even be noticeable.

So why do so many facelift patients have red and swollen scars on their face in plain sight? The answer is an unfortunate truth: Because poorly planned and executed facelifts are far too common.

If you’re considering a facelift, learn more about proper facelift technique — and the importance of finding a skilled cosmetic surgeon — so you can experience the best possible results.


Proper Facelift Technique Erases Aging and Scars

Facelifts should not, and generally do not, leave noticeable scars. However, if a patient’s skin is pulled too tight, it can distort the earlobe, and cause scars to spread and turn red. This is not the case in the before and after photo below.

facelift scarring

Thanks to an experienced Emory cosmetic surgeon with a clear understanding of how and where to place incisions, the patient above enjoyed impressive results without visible evidence of scarring. In fact, the patient felt so confident with her results, she cut her hair short to show off her new profile.

Reduce Your Risk of Scarring

While you may not be the one performing the surgery, there are steps you can do to take control of your facelift and reduce your risk of scarring.

1. Talk to your surgeon before surgery

Find out about your surgeon’s technique, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about how they avoid noticeable scars, swelling, and redness. There should be a clear plan for where your scars will begin and end. In fact, experienced surgeons will show you exactly where your incisions will be placed and will share how their techniques reduce scarring risk.

2. Ask for before-and-after pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. After all, if your surgeon’s past patients have noticeable scars, you can likely expect similar results. It’s both appropriate and smart to ask to see photos. You may also want to ask for a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and genders so you can compare results across patients.

3. Use online reviews

Online reviews of your surgeon are a great way to find out what patients are saying about their facelift results. These reviews often provide a very candid glimpse into patients’ experiences and outcomes.

4. Rely on your friends and family for advice

Scan your personal social network for others who understand what you’re going through and have experience with a cosmetic surgeon in your area. A referral from a trusted source can help you feel more at ease with your decision to have a facelift and with your choice of surgeon.

5. Follow your surgeon’s instructions

After a facelift, you’ll be given care instructions designed for your optimal healing and recovery. For example, you may be asked to keep the surgical area clean and to gently massage the area around your incisions. Closely following these instructions will help reduce your risk of scarring and swelling.

If you have any questions about your recovery, please contact your surgeon’s office to get additional information.

Emory Aesthetic Center

The expert surgeons at Emory Aesthetic Center are experienced in performing facelifts without noticeable scarring. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and speak to a surgeon about the approach that’s right for you.

About Dr. Zubowicz

Vincent Zubowicz, MD, assistant professor of Surgery, division of Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, is a renowned leader in the Atlanta medical community where he has practiced for over 35 years. He is triple board-certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Board of Surgery, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Zubowicz is not only a leader in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Maxillofacial Surgery, but also a leader in patient communication. He is one of the Top 50 Contributors on Real Self, the nation’s premier online communication resource for patients, where he serves on the national media committee. As an advocate for open patient communication, Dr. Zubowicz has written over 18,000 individual answers to patients seeking insights on both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Zubowicz is a prevailing voice of medical expertise for the Atlanta media, most recently appearing on CNN to discuss the selection and safety of free-standing aesthetic surgery centers.

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