Eyelid Surgery: Using Eyelid Spacer Grafts

checking-eyesI have many patients come into my office asking how I can help minimize or remove the puffiness or fat bags under the eyes. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic solution to help with that. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a great choice for many patients who want to rejuvenate the eyelids and reduce the puffiness from under the eyes. This technique requires removing fat from the under eye area and trimming excess skin as needed. There are some potential issues that can arise, however. Though uncommon, one of the complaints is the lower lid can look “pulled down”. This condition is called eyelid retraction. It can arise from a variety of factors, one of the main ones being excess skin removal. This may be coupled with loose eyelid ligament support, prominent eyes, or excess scarring in the lid. Fortunately, many cases of mild lid retraction resolve in the post-operative recovery period. For those that do not, one potential option is the introduction of an eyelid spacer graft.

Eyelid spacer grafts can be helpful for a variety of conditions, including repair of lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty. The purpose of the grafts is to lengthen the eyelid vertically. This helps improve lid closure, reduce eye irritation, and make the lids look more natural in their resting position on the eye. They are placed into the eyelid on the back half so they cannot be seen from the outside. This requires an outpatient or in office procedure to perform. The recovery period is similar to that of most eyelid surgery and the outcome can be very satisfactory.

Eyelid spacer grafts aren’t the only option for repair, and of course, some people may require something different to get the best results. But eyelid spacer grafts have proven themselves to be very effective on giving the lower eyelid the support it needs to ensure proper lid position and closure after blepharoplasty.

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About Dr. Hayek

hayek-brentBrent Hayek, MD, areas of expertise include both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. He addresses “droopy” (puffy) or malpositioned eyelids, treats Graves disease or thyroid problems as they affect the eyes, and orbital problems including tumors around the eye and fractures that affect the protective bony walls. Dr. Hayek also handles tearing problems that involve obstruction, infection or other issues of the tear drain system. Dr. Hayek performs a number of eyelid and facial cosmetic services include Botox®, facial fillers and peels, upper and lower blepharoplasty, midface and endoscopic forehead lifts.

Dr. Hayek’s research interests include eyelid and orbital tumors, as well as various implants suitable for long-term eyelid reconstruction. He has published articles in peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and has presented at regional, national and international meetings.

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