Takeaways from the Emory Aesthetic Center’s Getting Ready for the Holidays Live Chat

eac-holiday-260x200Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday, October 13th, for our live online chat on “Getting Ready for the Holidays”, hosted by Emory Aesthetic Center’s facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anita Sethna.

Believe it or not, the holidays will be here before we know it. In this live chat, Dr. Sethna provided advice and answered questions on how to get your skin glowing for the festive season. She discussed effective non-surgical treatments that will give you a brighter, rejuvenated look. She also answered questions around cosmetic surgical options and recovery to ensure your are ready just in time for the season. Here are just a few highlights from the chat, including one question we didn’t have a chance to answer:

Question: Can you perform a nose job with injections? My friend said that he had it done and I can see a difference.

anita-sethna-avatarDr. Sethna: Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a relatively new concept in injectables, but not one that should be taken lightly. There are no FDA-approved injectables for injection into the nose. That being said, in very select cases either after a rhinoplasty has already been done, or if a small issue in the bridge needs to be corrected, injection of a hyaluronic acid filler (juvederm , restylane for example) can be injected to correct the concern. A rhinoplasty surgeon familiar with the anatomy and blood vessels of the nose should be the one performing the injection. The risks of improper placement or unintended consequences can be severe in the nasal skin if performed by an untrained individual. As always, a consultation with a rhinoplasty expert to determine whether your concerns are even amenable to non-surgical (injectable) rhinoplasty is recommended prior to any interventions.

Question: What is the simplest thing someone can do to look fresher and rejuvenated?

anita-sethna-avatarDr. Sethna: On a daily basis, skin care is probably the easiest and biggest bang for your buck. The ingredients that are most helpful are tretinoin, or some type of retinol, that is essentially a daily exfoliant that is helpful in stimulating collagen and removing surface dead skin cells.



Question: When would you recommend a chemical peel and what does it best treat? Wrinkles? Complexion? Wondering if I should have one.

anita-sethna-avatarDr. Sethna: There are many different types of chemical peels and many different concentrations that can be used to achieve a different type of cosmetic result. Very limited amount of down time can be achieved with a lower concentration of peel solution and can improve overall brightness of the complexion and possibly improve the appearance of darker spots or age spots. If deeper wrinkles are present or overall skin tightening is desired, most of the time a deeper peel will need to be performed in an operating room or under sedation, with a recovery time of closer to seven days. Most peels can be repeated to get more drastic results and can be repeated with varying intervals depending on the depth of the original peel. Ultimately, the best recommendation on whether or not it will be helpful will be to come in for a consultation to address what your overall goals are and whether a peel could accomplish those.

If you missed out on this live chat, be sure to check out the full list of questions and answers on the chat transcript. You can also visit emoryaesthetic.org for a full list of services and treatments offered by the Emory Aesthetic Center.

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