Takeaways from the Emory Aesthetic Center’s Skin Care Live Chat

skincare-eacThank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday, July 28th, for our live online chat on “Skin Care Throughout the Stages of Life”, hosted by Emory Aesthetic Center skin care specialists, Dr. Erica D. Anderson and licensed aesthetician Danette Baxter.

Good skin care is essential for looking your best through every phase of your life. During this live chat, Dr. Anderson and Danette discussed treatments and ingredients to keep your skin at its optimal health. They provided general skincare guidelines for every stage of life as well as cosmetic treatment options to reduce the signs of aging and keep you looking younger. Here are just a few highlights from the chat:



Question: What can I do to reduce facial dark spots?


Dr. Anderson: Dyschromia and hyperpigmentation occur as our skin ages or with hormonal changes like pregnancy. There are many approaches to address the condition depending on your skin type. Hydroquinone therapy is the gold standard of treatment and is applied daily to the skin. There are also non-hydroquinone based treatments available that work similarly. Many light-based treatments exist to remove or lighten these lesions as well, such as Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) or Fraxel laser.


Question: What’s the best non-invasive way to treat smile lines?

Dr. Anderson: The main way to treat lines around the mouth is with fillers. It is minimally invasive, meaning that the product is injected under the skin as an office based procedure. A regimented skin care program with chemical peels on a monthly or every 6 weeks basis will also improve wrinkles and lines on the whole face.


Question: I am 57 and don’t really have any wrinkles or problems and would like to keep it that way! Do you have recommendations for a skin care regimen? I have normal skin.

Danette: Using antioxidants (vitamin C, green tea, or products you can purchase in a medical spa that have active ingredients to promote skin health) every morning, applying sunscreen! sunscreen! sunscreen! daily, and using a light-grade retinol cream at night can help protect and maintain your skin. You should also see a licensed aesthetician at a medical grade spa once a month to ensure your skin stays looking its best.

If you missed out on this live chat, be sure to check out the full list of questions and answers on the chat transcript. You can also visit emoryaesthetic.org for a full list of services and treatments offered by the Emory Aesthetic Center.

If you have additional questions for Dr. Anderson or licensed aesthetician Danette Baxter, please feel free to leave a comment in our comments area below.

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