Caring for Your Skin Throughout the Stages of Life – Join our Live Chat with Dr. Erica Anderson

EACPreChat_7-10As we age, as seasons change, and as we move through the different stages of life, our skin care needs change as well. Good skin care is essential for looking your best through every phase of your life. Join Emory Aesthetic Center skin care specialists, Dr. Erica Anderson and licensed aesthetician Danette Baxter, on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 from Noon – 1PM as they discuss treatments and ingredients that will allow your skin to be at its optimal health. They will provide general skincare guidelines for every stage of life as well as cosmetic treatment options to reduce the signs of aging and keep you looking younger.

During this live chat all of your questions will be answered from products to nonsurgical treatments like chemical peels and injectable fillers to facial surgery options. Understanding that every person has their own individual concerns and needs, Dr. Anderson and our licensed aesthetician will answer all of your questions such as:

• What is the best method for reducing facial dark spots and imperfections from acne scarring from the face?
• What are the best over the counter products to use for anti-aging?
• What is the difference between a photofacial and laser resurfacing?
• Do dermal fillers and Botox injections do the same thing?
• What types of results can I expect to see from a facial surgery versus Botox or dermal fillers?
• What is the benefit of having my non-surgical or surgical procedure performed at a place like Emory Aesthetic Center?

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