Takeaways from Dr. Singh and Dr. Eaves’ Chat on Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Weight Loss ChatThank you for attending the live chat on Tips for Losing Weight and Post Weight Loss Body Contouring on Tuesday, July 22nd. We had a great discussion, so thank you to all who participated and asked questions. We were thrilled with the number of people who were able to register and participate in the chat. (You can check out the transcript here).

The response was so great that we had a few questions we were not able to answer during the chat so we will answer them below for your reference.

How expensive is a pannus roughly?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves:
That depends on the size of the pannus and how far it extends toward the side. Please feel free to call the Emory Aesthetic Center for some general guidelines, and we’d be happy to see you and figure out the extent of surgery required and costs.


How do you feel about the “cryo” procedures to the neck area? Are they effective if one is 60 or older? Will the procedure prevent or tighten the turkey neck?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves:
I suspect that in patients older than 60 years of age that non-invasive procedures to remove fat in the neck area will have limited utility due to the looseness of the skin, and are unlikely to have significant impact in tightening a turkey neck. A neck lift, however, can create exciting results.


Is it possible to achieve biggest looser weight loss numbers through training at home?

Arvinpal Singh, MDDr. Singh:
The Biggest Loser and other television shows that show extreme weight loss are unrealistic for most of us who are working full time and have other time commitments. Those patients are seeing nutritionists, physicians, and physical trainers on a daily basis, if not more. For any weight loss program, consistent cardiovascular and strength building training is appropriate, combined with a healthy eating plan. Realistic weight loss goals should be one to two pounds per week.

That said, everyone can absolutely eventually achieve their ideal body weight, regardless of where they are starting off. The most important thing is to really clean up your diet – centering it around these four major food groups: vegetables/greens, fruits, whole grains, legumes/beans/lentils. Meat and dairy should be treated as side dishes or condiments. Oils should be minimized. Healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados can be used, but in small amounts while you are trying to lose weight. Exercise also is very important because it has significant cardiovascular benefits, and is very important at maintaining the weight loss long term.

My insurance excludes bariatric surgery, do appeals ever work?

Arvinpal Singh, MDDr. Singh:
Rarely. Insurance exclusions are often chosen by the employer. If bariatric surgery is excluded, it is very unlikely that you will get approved for surgery unless the employer changes the coverage. You may want to try to talk to your HR department. Explain your situation and discuss how bariatric surgery will help to improve your medical issues.


Which exercise works with getting mid section in shape?

Arvinpal Singh, MDDr. Singh:
Everyone wants a slimmer waist line! All core/back exercises are great at strengthening the core (yoga, pilates, planks, etc). Cardio exercises (brisk walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, etc.) to get the heart rate up are also helpful with burning fat and reducing weight. The most effective way to reduce inches off the waistline is to clean up your diet, especially reducing the saturated/trans fats, added oils, and refined sugar. Abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen!




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  • tara o.

    Dr. Singh,
    I have been working on weight loss since February. I have gone from 269 to 235 but seem to be stuck.
    I have two problems I have back and neck pains due to large sagging breast which I had a breast reduction when in college when I was thin and active but needed it due to it interfering with my activities. I feel as if I need one again as I had my neck fused and still have indentions in the shoulders from bra straps, pain in the rhomboids, traps, and SCM. Is this possible since I still need to loose weight or should I weight until I have more weight loss?
    The second area is the abdomen which is sagging a great deal. I know weight loss needs to continue but the area looks like a big sagging smile. Do you have any suggestions and recommendations for me? I have now been cancer free for 2 years. I need to get back to looking good. Suggestions
    Thank you.

    • Well first of all, so glad you are cancer free!!! To answer your questions: It most certainly is possible to have a second breast reduction, however a recent study has shown that patients are significantly more satisfied with their breasts if they finish losing weight BEFORE undergoing surgery. In addition, a higher BMI correlates with a higher risk of wounds after breast surgery. In some cases, patients who have a reduction while still quite heavy may lose too much of their breasts with weight loss and need even further surgery, in some cases including placement of implants. While the risks of a second breast reduction procedure are not prohibitive, the chance of losing sensation to the breast or nipple (if still normal), or even of problems of blood supply to the tissues during healing, is increased over a first time procedure, and for this reason – if possible – it may benefit you to try to lose additional weight beforehand.

      To the second part of your question: Again, with body contouring after weight loss it is almost always best to lose the additional weight before undergoing surgery. We’d be happy to see you in the office for an examination to help you sort through the options and set goals to reach before surgery.