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weight loss and body contouringLosing those extra pounds is often a challenge. And even when you meet your weight loss goals, you may have excess skin or areas of the body that you would like to tone. Please join a dual live chat on Weight Loss & Body Contouring with Dr. Arvin Singh, Medical Director of the Emory Bariatric Center and Dr. Felmont Eaves, Medical Director of the Emory Aesthetic Center on Tuesday, July 22nd from noon to 1 pm. Learn how you can achieve your weight loss goals and improve the look of your body.

Dr. Singh will provide tips on the healthiest proven methods for weight loss, and Dr. Eaves will discuss post weight loss body contouring options available to you. They will also answer questions such as:

  • Is there a specific diet you recommend for healthy weight loss?
  • How can I get past a plateau in my weight loss?
  • What is a reasonable goal or time frame for weight loss?
  • What happens during body contouring?
  • Is achieving ideal body weight required before body contouring?
  • Are there any risks associated with body contouring?

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Chat Details:

Date: Tuesday, July, 22, 2014
Time: 12 noon – 1pm EST
Chat leaders: Drs. Arvin Singh and Felmont Eaves
Chat Topic: Tips for Losing Weight and Post Weight Loss Body Contouring

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  • Janice P.

    I am interested in having a brachioplasty and facelift (mostly the neck area). [Content removed for patient confidentiality purposes.] My question is…will my medical history keep me from having a brachioplasty?

    • This is an excellent question, Janice! As with some types of surgery, later surgery of the arms is avoided unless absolutely necessary. However it also depends on what may (or may not) have been done to the lymph nodes, whether there was adjuvant treatment like radiation to the underarm, and other factors. Working with Dr.Carlson to get his input about the risks of arm surgery, together we can decide if this is a good option or not. Feel free to call 404-778-6880 for a personal consultation.

  • Debra

    What is a reasonable goal or time frame for weight loss? I’m trying to loss weight, but keep on failing.

    • Debra: Unfortunately, the media skews what is appropriate, healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is about one to two pounds per week. This can be achieved by decreasing caloric intake by 500-1000 calories per day. Aim to choose nutrient dense whole foods more frequently to help you decrease calorie intake, but feel full and satisfied instead of deprived. Often, rapid weight loss from very low calorie diets or restrictive eating plans leads to quick weight regain. This is because healthy choices were not incorporated into an overall lifestyle. Weight loss and weight management take commitment to better, healthier foods and exercise for life.