Gummy Bear Breast Implants: How are they different?

Gummy Bear Breast ImplantsPatients are calling the Emory Aesthetic Center asking, “Do you offer the ‘gummy bear’ breast implants?” The simple answer is yes, but let’s review what makes this breast implant different and how you know if it is a good choice for you.

“Gummy bear implants” is simply another name for silicone gel breast implants. Although there was a period of controversy concerning silicone gel implants in the early 1990’s, the gel implants currently available today have been extensively studied and shown to be safe. Silicone breast implants, in fact, are now the most studied medical device in all of medical history.

The FDA approved silicone gel implants have a cohesive gel technology. “Cohesive” means that the gel sticks to itself, so even if the implant were to break, the gel typically stays put, in many ways, resembling the consistency of a gummy bear. These gel implants come in two basic covering patterns and two basic shape styles.

The covering pattern for these breast implants comes in both a smooth and a textured cover. While smooth surfaced implants work very well, the textured surface was designed to reduce the chance of capsular scar contracture that may form around the implant and cause it to feel hard. In addition, texturization holds the implant in a particular position within the breast pocket.

The two basic shapes styles of these implants are round and “shaped” (or anatomical). Depending on a woman’s native breast volume, shape, and desires, a round implant may be the best choice in many cases. Round implants can have a smooth or textured surface. In other women, however, a shaped device may represent an excellent choice. There are many different variations, sizes, and heights to the shaped implants so that the choice can be customized for you. In order to maintain their shape, the anatomical designs have a higher degree of cohesiveness than the round devices, and these highly-cohesive, or form-stable, implants are often referred to as “gummy bear” implants in lay terms.

In order to stay in the desired position and orientation, shaped implants are always textured. In addition, they may have an added advantage of less wrinkling in certain patients, though they may feel firmer due to the fill material and volume. They are slightly more expensive as well.

If you are considering breast implant surgery, let the physicians at the Emory Aesthetic Center answer all your questions about implants and the technology behind the devices to help determine which ones are right for you.

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  • Ash

    I’m impressed by this gummy bear breast implant yet I read from that breasts continue to age after the surgery. Are there any solutions or on-going studies for this?


    • Ash,

      In general, breasts continue to age over time. If breast augmentation is done, the aging process may be accelerated depending on the implant size. However, if the implants used are appropriately sized for your body and well placed, the breast aging process is not as substantially accelerated. Research has been done historically, and continues to be conducted, as it relates to implants and their effects on the breast. For example, texturing to the implant is now being advocated and may delay the breast aging process for those who have implants. Future studies will be helpful in our understanding of this.