Biology of Cancer

Join Assistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Gregg Orloff, Ph.D, on Tuesday, August 6 at noon  for an interactive, live, web chat on the “Biology of Cancer”.

He will be available to discuss questions such as:
• What is Cancer?
• What Causes Cancer?
• How is Cancer Treated?
• What is the role of infectious organisms like viruses in cancer?
• Why and How Cancer Spreads.
• Why do cancer drugs not always work?

  • Randy

    Thank you, Dr.Orloff, for taking the time to listen and answer peoples questions about cancer . We need a lot less mystery and a lot more information. We appreciate your effort to allow anyone to ask a question and have it answered by an expert. I hope that this is the beginning of more programs aimed at sharing information about cancer and some of the treatment options. Your work is amazing !