Takeaways from the Prostate Cancer Live Chat at Winship

prostate-chat-cil638Thanks to everyone who joined us Tuesday, November 24th for the live online prostate cancer program chat at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University hosted by Drs. Pattaras & Rossi.

Drs. Pattaras & Rossi answered several of your questions about prostate cancer risk factors, symptoms and therapy. Check out the conversation by viewing the chat transcript! Here are just a few follow up questions we didn’t get to from the chat:

Question: What preventive measures are most effective for improving urinary function and quality of life?

Answer: Preventative measures include exercise, weight loss and a healthy low fat diet. Unfortunately there are genetic predispositions for prostate enlargement and bladder dysfunction including spinal disorders that even prevention will not help. See a urologist if there is a noticeable change in urination.

Question: Conventional wisdom is that if you have prostate cancer you should no take testosterone. Dr. Abraham Morgantaler has written a number of articles in JAMA and NEJM challenging that conventional wisdom. Are doctors Pattaras and Rossi familiar with his research, and if so, any thoughts?

Answer: Though specifically not familiar with his publications there are numerous studies which suggest that men with low testosterone could be supplemented to normal levels if watched carefully. Testosterone itself does not cause prostate cancer but can feed advanced cases. Chemical castration is a therapy for advanced prostate cancer but is not done for localized treated cancer so testosterone supplementation is feasible but does have risks. We have placed men on testosterone replacement after therapy as long as they are compliant.

If you missed this chat, be sure to check out the full list of questions and answers on the web transcript. For more information go to the Prostate Cancer at Winship Cancer Institute website or 404-778-7777 to learn more from a registered nurse.


If you have additional questions for Drs. Pattaras & Rossi, feel free to leave a comment in our comments area below.

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