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Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University

Update: Winship has been rated “Outstanding” by the National Cancer Institute in their NCI-designation renewal. Find out why >

As a cancer research, treatment and care center, there are lots of things that make who we are at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, what we do, and how we do it, special.

It’s been said that “once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” We know that our patients put a lot in the hands of the team on which they depend for their cancer treatment. Countless hours of research into the latest and greatest cancer treatment technologies, investigation into who offers those treatments, evaluation of NCI-cancer center designation, precious time and energy spent answering questions about what matters most, the patient experience, and perhaps most importantly, their hope.

Who will treat me? How will they treat me? Would other patients choose Winship for their cancer treatment if they had decision to make over again? Besides the treatment, what about the intangibles? Will my treatment team care about me? Do I even have a team? Who will give me hope?

Despite the wide variety of fears, questions, concerns and worries abound for newly diagnosed cancer patients, there is only one constant at Winship: every patient is a survivor from day one. New patient cases are evaluated by a team of multidisciplinary specialists who meet as a board to leverage their unique areas expertise in the collaboration and development of each patient’s individualized treatment strategy.

As Dr. Bassel El-Rayes puts it, “You may only see one or two physicians, but more than likely at least 13 have been involved in formulating your treatment plan.” And as one of our patients puts it, “This is when you realize that you have a team at Winship to help you fight this.”

If you or someone you know is up against the fight of his or her life, let our patients be the ones who tell you what it means to be cared and treated for at the Winship Cancer Institute. There are those who will tell you, “You feel like you’re part of a process that’s fighting cancer. If there is an answer out there, it’s in that building.” There are those who feel comforted by the members of our care team who themselves have won the fight against cancer and now volunteer their time to help others on their journey(s), “They’re people who have already walked through those halls. They’ve been in the shoes you’re in now.” There are those who will tell you about the confidence they have in treatment technology at Winship, or about the importance of elements such as our healing garden and the words of inspiration on our walls that help restore peace and build courage. There are those who will tell you about the support groups, monthly events, and educational resources to answer even the hardest questions. But most importantly, they will all tell you about their treatment team, or family, at Winship and how they made them feel.

We’re here to help provide the foundation for hope and strength in the fight against cancer, because as the saying goes, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Find out how we support our patients in their journeys. Find out what it means to be a patient at Winship. Find out what it means to have hope as a survivor. Find out what it means to be a survivor from day one.

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