Top Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Extra Weight

Because of words like diet, cleanses and fasts, our definition of normal eating has gotten lost. Normal eating should be flexible, and it should change based on your response to hunger, your schedule, your feelings and your proximity to food. A lot of people want to know how to jumpstart their metabolism, normalize their eating pattern and utilize what they eat more efficiently. We all know that if your goal is to lose weight then you must expend more energy (calories) than you take in. With that in mind, here are five tips to boost your metabolism.

1. Eat Regularly

  • The number of times that you should eat each day varies individually, but most people need to eat an average of three to six times per day
  • Waiting long periods of time to eat can result in your body holding on to calories rather than efficiently burning them off.

2. Eat Adequately

  • Restricting calorie intake too much over time will lead to a lower metabolism.
  • Don’t deny your body food when you are hungry, and stop eating when you feel satisfied but not stuffed.
    • Basic Hungry/Satiety Scale (*Normal range is between 3 and 7)

Hunger Diet Scale

3. Eat Healthy & Early

  • Have your first meal of the day within the first two hours after waking up, including complex carbohydrates, lean protein and a small amount of dietary fat to jumpstart your metabolism, fuel your body and help sustain hunger.

4. Stay Hydrated

  • Dehydration can lower metabolism in addition to other negative health effects.
  • Recommend fluid intakes for healthy adults is ½ ounce per pound body weight (Example: 140 pounds / 2 = 70 ounces)

5. Exercise Regularly

  • Cardio exercise (jogging, swimming) increases your heart rate and resistance training (lifting weights) helps build and maintain muscle mass, both of which increase metabolism

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