How Quickly We Eat May Affect Our Weight

eating-fastRecent studies have been examining whether the rate in which we eat influences our weight. In one study, researchers gave women pasta at two different times. The first time, they were told to eat quickly. The second time, they were encouraged to slowly chew each mouthful 15 to 20 times before swallowing. On average, women ate 67 fewer calories when they took time to chew their food. The authors of this study noted that cutting 67 calories at dinner translates into seven pounds of weight loss per year.

Another similar study focused on examining how the speed of eating changes appetite and the rate of which food (energy) in our bodies is used. A calorimeter machine was used to measure how much energy a person burns throughout the day. On the first day, women ate lunch in a total of 10 minutes, on the second day they ate lunch in 20 minutes, and on the third day they ate a 40 minute lunch. Although the results have not yet been published, researchers are hoping to find a link between the speed of eating a meal and how energy is processed and how a person’s appetite changes. If this research shows promise, simply slowing down the rate you eat dinner may result in decreased appetite leading to gradual, sustainable weight loss.

What do you think? Do you think there’s a connection between the pace of eating and weight loss/gain? Let us know in the comments below!

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