6 Tips for Controlling Your Weight During the Holidays

Healthy Holiday Eating TipsAll of us know that the holidays can be a perilous time for those who wish to lose weight, with all the parties, family gatherings and food around us. It is part of our culture to overeat from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, and others around us are likely to do so. Moreover, the food consumed often is high in sugar and fat, and alcohol does not relieve hunger very well, and can cause us to be less in control and more inattentive.

The following are some ideas to consider to help you control your weight during the holidays:

  1. Remind yourself that our culture at large does not have to be your personal culture.
  2. Make sure that your thinking and attitude are healthy.  Think of moderate eating during the holidays as a step toward better health and function, and not as “deprivation.”  Avoid berating yourself for any lapses; however, do not gloss over them, and use them as a cue to set goals for the next time you are in a similar situation.
  3. Plan an overall strategy in advance of the holiday season. Consider what problems you have had in the past and think of ways to address these problems successfully.
  4. Go to a social event with a plan for eating. Compensate for any planned increase in eating with reduced eating and/or increased exercise before the event.  If possible, avoid going to the event when overly hungry or tired.  While there, eat slowly to help control the quantity of food consumed.
  5. Avoid having leftovers or high-calorie food sitting around in your environment without a plan for them.
  6. Don’t forget exercise, which easily can be neglected with busy schedules and colder weather.

What else? Do you have tips and tricks that you use to control your weight around Thanksgiving and other holidays? If so, please share them with us and our readers in the comments below!

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