Meet Manager Melinda Kane

Melinda Kane, Project Manager, Emory Bariatric Center

Melinda Kane, Project Manager for Emory Bariatric Center, is passionate about helping others attain their health and wellness goals.

Meet Melinda Kane, MS-HCM, Project Manager for Emory Bariatric Center. Melinda joined the Emory Bariatric Center team in 2005 as Operations Manager. Under her guidance, patient processes were significantly improved and the program received national accreditation. Melinda recently transitioned to the role of Project Manager in which she leads specific initiatives to further improve the program, such as the newly completed online bariatric surgery seminar.

I feel fortunate to work with this incredible team of providers and patients. I have always been passionate about health, nutrition and exercise. I have worked hard to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, so I get excited when our patients reach their personal wellness goals.

I worked with a pediatric outpatient therapy facility before I came to work at Emory and I see amazing parallels between the parents of the children with special needs in that program and the individuals we treat at the Emory Bariatric Center. Both groups have encountered stares, social stigma and discomfort in public. Both groups seek respect, compassion, knowledge and support.

One of my favorite things is to see the impact that a healthier lifestyle has on the family, friends and co-workers of our patients. Of course, losing the weight is a tremendous benefit in and of itself, but when a patient regains his or her life – they can once again travel, or play with their children – it has a profound impact on the people around them. One of our patients was an elementary school teacher who was unable to travel with her class on educational field trips. After bariatric surgery, she was able to travel not only the country but the world with her class and her students benefited from her teaching in a whole new way.

My role – and the role of everyone on the team – is to help guide our patients on their journey. For some, that means bariatric surgery; for others, it involves a nonsurgical approach to weight loss. Regardless of the technique, the team is wholeheartedly invested in helping that individual attain his or her personal goals. We partner with them, provide the tools they need for success, and support them in determining which path will be the safest and most effective way to a healthier new life.

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