My Journey Through Weight Loss: Part 2

Paperwork, paperwork paperwork!

It makes one almost wonder if a paperwork obstacle course is there to see how many weight loss surgery applicants will just give up and drop out versus those who want and need it badly enough to stick with the laborious process and push on.

This was where my note-taking abilities came in handy. I spoke with so many people at my insurance company that if I hadn’t kept a detailed record of names, dates, times and information regarding our conversations, I would have never known where I stood with anything during these many steps to surgery.

There are quite a lot of qualifications established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for gastric bypass surgery¬† – and rightly so. If the NIH hadn’t developed guidelines for surgeries of this nature then standards for this surgery and others wouldn’t remain high. So I am actually very thankful for what I had to go through to ensure that I was a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. It helped me feel confident that this was the right choice for me.

Next up: Preparing for surgery! This would be as much a mental and psychological process as a physical one.

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